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Kane and Lynch, the game at the center of the Gamespot controversy back in 2007, is getting a sequel. It's being developed by IO Interactive, who's also hard at work on a new Hitman game.

Eidos President Ian Livingstone revealed the existence of both projects in an interview with GamingIndians. Livingstone said that Kane and Lynch 2 was slated for a September release but added that "These games often slip because the production times are so difficult to predict due to the amount of work they have to put into them now in high-end consoles. It’s a tough business." He also confirmed that a K&L movie was being planned but production hadn't started yet.

Livingstone revealed little about the upcoming Hitman game. "It’s being worked on, but there’s been no announcement on the release date yet. We haven’t even announced the game yet, so everything you hear about the next Hitman game is purely speculation at this point."

Well, I'm looking forward to the continued adventures of Agent 47. It seems like the folks able to make games like Hitman should be bright enough to figure out what went awry with the first Kane and Lynch, too, so I am at least slightly curious how the sequel turns out.

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