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Did you pre-order a copy of Killzone 2 through Gamestop? Well, here's your reward: the early access demo for KZ2 is set to arrive on PSN today.

The demo includes the first two segments of the single-player campaign's first level as well as the tutorial. While American gamers won't be able to get the demo until February 26th if they didn't pre-order at Gamestop, our European compatriots will be able to download it today regardless of whether they pre-ordered. According to VG247, who spoke to a spokesperson at SCEE, the demo will be available on the PSN Euro servers at 5 PM GMT (12 PM here in New York).

Killzone 2 will hit stores on February 27th exclusively for the PS3. Some might balk at Sony making gamers pre-order to get the demo but it could be worse - they could've made you buy a crazy $100 Collector's Edition for the demo code. Now that would have been sinister.

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