Fighting games in America just aren’t what they used to be. No worries, though. Our Eastern counterparts seem to keep one series rolling out that classic formula that has yet to fail. Continuing in the tradition of yearly KOF games, SNK-Playmore has yet another addition to the long-living series and there’s a trailer to prove it.

Now powered by Atomiswave, and coming off the disappointingly bad KOF: Neowave, SNK is looking to follow-up on the momentum of the North American release of KOF 2K6, with KOF XI. A little confused with all the numbers, letters and disjointed release dates? Yeah, after KOF 2K3, KOF: MI and KOF: MI2, I gave up trying to comprehend all the abbreviations. If the header contains the letters 'K' 'O' 'F', then I assume it’s something worth playing.

This latest KOF game, exclusive to arcades and the PS2, and being co-published by SEGA, will feature new characters, stages, specials, as well as returning favorites. Characters such as Terry, Kim, Ryo and Athena are present, but others such as Goro, Mai, Takuma, and Andy are nowhere to be seen, for now. I’m sure with KOF’s large roster and unlockable characters some of the absentees will make an appearance. New faces such as Elizebeth, Oswald and Momoko are also selectable.

EX and boss characters make an appearance in KOF XI, including the likeness of Gal Tendo, Rugal’s son Adel, Silver, and even a character from a classic SNK fighting game. You can check out screenshots and character info from the KOF XI SNK Website. A word of warning for non-Japanese speaking gamers: It’s all in Japanese...for now. You can also check out a trailer below as the game’s 2007 North American release draws near.

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