The game that made waves on the Gameboy Advance is now coming to the PlayStation 2. Chain of Memories, the spin-off follow-up to the uber-popular Kingdom Hearts II, has an intro that’s available. And any fan of the series will probably want to take a look.

Though the footage isn’t remarkable, it does showcase a nice little look for a PS2 title. The actual intro, however, is rather lame. There’s no fighting, nothing strikingly sinister, and the setup is say the least.

Still, I think it’s more-so a nod toward reputable RPG’ing. If not, it’s an indicator that the transition form the handheld to the console will be short and uninteresting. But that’s highly doubtful. Kingdom Hearts II: Chain of Memories is scheduled to release later this year for the PlayStation 2. You can check out the intro video below. Enjoy.

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