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How often do we hear about internet gaming portals for toddlers and babies? You don't. However, two Maryland dads came up with an internet gaming site for little kids who are too small to use the mouse.

Creator Jim Robinson commented in the press release, saying…
"When my older two children discovered the internet, they had a ball playing games and visiting fun sites. But their little sister was left out and out of luck. That was the inspiration for KneeBouncers. Now, we've given the younger kids their own online experience and parents get a break while their children enjoy endless entertainment."

That’s not a bad idea considering that toddlers and babies is probably the one demographic yet to be digitally molested for profits by the likes of EA, Square, Activision or Valve. Although, if KneeBouncers manages to score well amongst parents and kids alike, I’m sure we’ll be seeing all kinds of new gaming portals by the bigger companies popping up all over the place.

The actual site allows kids who aren’t mouse savvy to learn how to count, go over their ABCs, memorize shapes and colors and engage in a number of other comprehensive educational games designed for babies and toddlers.

You can check out some of the features of the site below or pay a visit to the Official KneeBouncers Website and check out what it has to offer.

KneeBouncers Features:

• 17 Interactive Games
• Learning tools for: The Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Play Peek-a-Boo, Pop-A-Lot, Choo-Choo, Music Maker, See-Saw, Bouncy, The Big Top, Bed Jump, Holey Moley, Splish Splash, Up-Up and Away, Vroom and Flashing Lights.
• A fun cast of characters that little kids will love to meet: Sly Cat the Courteous Cat, Caesar the Silly Puppy, Freddy the Brave Little Bear, Horatio the Happy Happy Hippo, Foo Foo the Funny Honey Bunny, and Sammy the Busy Bouncy Monkey.

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