Konami knows better than to try and push 3D on its classic Castlevania series. Time and time again the team behind the series has released fantastic games that feature old school, classic 2D gameplay. And not a single person whines or complains about this. No one sits at home with their DS and wonders why the latest Castlevania isn’t an epic sprawling 3D landscape of brown tones and “gritty realism.” I barely want that in my Grand Theft Auto, despite Rockstar’s insistence on moving from the garish colors of old to a drab pseudo-lifelike recreation of NYC. So it’s nice to see a developer that understands what makes their game good, improve and change a few minor things, and release something of interest.

Konami has announced the next game in the vampire hunting action series: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. The new game will follow similar gameplay from fan favorites Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, while also adding in some new elements. The new Glyph attack system will give players access to a vast amount of attacks and combos.

My only concern is getting a little bored playing the same thing again. I played both Sorrow and Ruin within a few months of each other, and it became a chore. At this point I’ve put enough distance between myself and those games that a new Castlevania is indeed exciting. Ah hell, let’s face it…I’ll be addicted to Order of Ecclesia like a housewife refreshing TMZ every 26 seconds.

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