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It seems Tomb Raider is going multiplayer after all. New details about Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light were revealed at GDC.

According to this GI preview, Guardian has the usual TR mix of combat and puzzles. However, there's a couple new twists. First, the game uses an isometric perspective, giving it an arcade feel. Also, the game's got off-line and online co-op.

Instead of pairing her up with an Indiana Jones type, Crystal Dynamics decided to give Lara a more exotic comrade: a reanimated ancient warrior named Totec. While Lara's got her dual pistols and grapple, Totec's armed with a spear and shield. The characters have to combine their unique talents and items to traverse obstacles and defeat enemies.

Guardian will be released digitally for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and the PC this summer.

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