Much like the Civil War, the Great Left 4 Dead of '09 shall surely pit brother against brother. The gap between boycotters and people who don't mind paying for a new game might be smaller than expected, though, if Left 4 Dead 2 ends up having cross-game play.

Valve's Doug Lombardi told TVG that they're currently "trying to work out the details" of cross-game play between Left 4 Dead 2 and Left 4 Dead owners. "So nothing specific to say today, but we understand that it's a very valid thing to be working on and looking at."

How would this work? I doubt Valve would let you play campaigns included in L4D or L4D2 if you don't own that specific game, so this cross-game functionality might be limited to user-generated content. Mods created with the recently released L4D toolset will be playable by owners of the sequel.

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