Legendary Champions sees players assuming the role of more than 60 iconic heroes from mythology, lore, fiction and the history books. Aeria Games announced that the closed beta for this unique new MMO has commenced and players who reach level 40 are eligible to receive a free PS3 in the CBT giveaway.

The rules are pretty darn simple actually…
1.) Reach level 40+ by the end of closed beta.
2.) Post a screen shot of you obtaining level 40 here.
To receive the PS3 you must be a resident of the United States
PS3 will be paid out within 60 days after promotion ends

The game has a rather unique concept working for it, insofar that players will be able to unleash devastating powers from famous heroes, bad guys and super villains such as Dracula, King Arthur and the Wolf Man. There are also epic sized bosses where entire guilds are required to battle them using lots of teamwork and strategy.

You can sign up for the closed beta and try to win that PS3 by heading over to the Official Website.

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