Indiana Jones is ripe for the picking when it comes to a video game adaptation. The story has everything you could want in a game, and what we want more than anything is an experience that takes the design of Uncharted and makes it even better with authentic whip crackin’ Indy action. Just as exciting is giving the Indiana Jones franchise the Lego treatment. After all it worked brilliantly for Star Wars.

Edge magazine has the first details on the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. The game will parody the first three films, which means the new movie will probably have it’s own tie-in marketing crapware for now. Interestingly players will have to wield a spade in order to dig for treasure and weapons. This makes perfect sense, considering Indy’s profession. It sounds like the same mechanic used in Lego Star Wars where you use the force to assemble objects that then give you items.

One important item of note is that Traveller’s Tales is removing Nazis. Now as a purist you might balk at the decision, but remember that these games (even as good as they are) are to be played by young kids. And the bad guys are still distinctly bad in the game.

You can get more info in Edge magazine’s exclusive look at Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures in issue 186. It sounds like the same formula that was applied to Star Wars is being transferred directly to Indy. Whether it works or not, I’m looking forward to finding out.

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