London studio Headstrong Games (formerly Kuju London) has been working on a secret project for Sega for years and now we know what it is No, it's not a new Jet Grind Radio game. It's a new House of the Dead game that will appear exclusively on the Wii.

House of the Dead Overkill, like its predecessors, will be a first-person rail shooter in which two government agents (controlled by the players) mow down swarms of zombies. Overkill will be a prequel to the main series. Agent "G", a character from previous installments, will team up with a new character, Detective Washington, to investigate mysterious events in small-town Louisiana.

As you'd expect, you'll use the Wii-mote instead of a normal light gun for this version when busting a cap in the undead. You'll also be able to swing the Wii-mote to bash in the skull of whatever zombie gets too close. Don't worry about the Wii not being powerful enough to render an appropriately huge number of zombies on-screen, either. In an interview with IGN, Headstrong Games producer Neil McEwan seemed very confident of his team's ability to squeeze as much power out of the Wii as possible. "We did take a look at some screens of a certain other zombie game that is being ported to Wii, and the general consensus was that we thought we could certainly do better," he said, in a pretty clear swipe at Dead Rising.

The most intriguing aspect of the game might be the new art direction. As you can see from the trailer below, Overkill will now have a Grindhouse-style, B-movie look. The graphics will have scratches and color filters to give the appearance that this game is a movie being shown at a retro filmhouse. It will also have appropriately camp music and dialogue - as if a developer needed to try to make crappy dialogue for a zombie game.

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