While it's nice that seventh-generation consoles have all of these cool personal computer functions, it completely sucks ass to type out words using an analog stick to select letters from an on-screen keyboard. Sure, you can use a USB keyboard but that's a pretty bulky thing to keep on your lap while you're gaming. Now Sony's got a wireless keypad that you can connect right to your controller.

Unlike the ChatPad for Xbox 360, which is attached below the main controller buttons, the PS3 Wireless Keypad snaps onto the top of the controller. I'm not sure if that makes it more or less cumbersome than the ChatPad. I'm not big on in-game texting so I'd probably pull either device off the controller if I was going to play a game.

In addition to a keyboard to make text messages and other browser functions easier, the keypad will also have a "touch pad" mode. When in "touch pad" mode, you'll be able to drag your finger across the face of the keypad to move the on-screen cursor. SCEE prez David Reeves said this mouse input could potentially be used in future titles - I wouldn't mind it for a real-time strategy game.

The keypad will be released in North America this November. It's listed on Amazon already at a price tag of fifty bucks.

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