Parkour, Platforming & Exploration
Implementing Assassin's Creed style exploration and parkour seemed like an ambitious thing for Lightning Returns. The inclusion of platform-style gameplay is such a massive divergence away from the typical structure of Final Fantasy games that most people were just glad it was a welcomed change from the first two Final Fantasy XIII games. “At least it's not a linear corridor, combat sim.” is the typical response. But then, on the flip side, there is the reality that platforming in Lightning Returns is an untested mechanic.

Just because a game lets you explore and scale the environment doesn't instantaneously mean that the gameplay is extended and scaled for the better. Heck, Sonic has had a hard time with platforming in the 3D realm ever since he made the transition during the Dreamcast era. There's also the issue that if the platforming seems too derivative or mechanically tiresome, there's the risk that the game ends up like Ninja Gaiden 3, Ninja Blade, Knack or countless other games where players aren't having fun but are mostly trying to grind through the platforming just because they're forced to.

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