Square Enix let loose the opening cinematic to the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as well as a promo trailer for the Final Fantasy VII special pre-order bonus DLC that includes costumes from main characters Cloud and Aerith.

The trailers arrive courtesy of Gematsu [via Pixel Enemy] where we get to see the opening cinematic and how the stage is set between the epic showdown between former deuterogonist Snow, and the savior of the world, Lightning.

The opening cinematic is pretty slick and looks good. It's definitely a lot more compact that the obnoxiously long and overdone intro to Final Fantasy XIII... my goodness it felt like that one would never end.

The second video fetaures Lightning running around like a professional cosplayer, looking lean and kind of mean in an Aerith outfit and boyish in her Cloud getup. You can check that out below.

Well that was over with quick.

I do have to admit the Cloud outfit and buster sword looks pretty good in the game. Combined with the game's active turn-based battles, it could steep gamers heavy into the sort of nostalgia that helped make the earlier Final Fantasy titles smash hits.

Anyway, enough with the cosplay talk. Some of you came here to see the list of achievements for Lightning Returns and you can check them out below courtesy of Xbox 360 Achievements [via Dualshockers].

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set for release on February 11th for the Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

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