Pixel Detective
Ah, Clocktower as a pixel-art game. That's sort of what a lot of people are calling Pixel Detective, an emergent, horror-themed adventure game where the mystery randomizes every time you play. It provides an almost endless amount of replayability for those who like horror and mystery games. 'So what's this about the horror?' you ask. Well, the horror comes from the psycho, knife-wielding killer hunting you down, ala Slender Man. The game's random generation adds uncertainty and a hint of intrigue to each play-through. Previously, I had been thinking a lot about a game of this sort: a mystery title set in an emergent gameplay environment. I'm glad to see some indie devs taking the initiative and going a step further with the idea. I know the art-style fits into the typical “hipster” category of indie games, but it's still an interesting game if for nothing more than its concept.

If you want to see Pixel Detective or games like Pixel Detective become regular entries on the Steam store, feel free to up-vote and favorite the game on the official Greenlight page.

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