Gaming Blend: Even though Lilly Looking Through managed to succeed in its Kickstarter goal and get a timely November 1st release across multiple digital distributors, is piracy still a concern as to whether or not the game will be able to sell to its full potential?

Geeta Games: Piracy is definitely a concern for any small indie studio that loves making games. We obviously hope to make enough money back to cover our cost of production, and be able to continue to pursue our passion of creating games.

That being said, at the end of the day, we aspire to create worlds and stories for people to play in and escape to. We want it to be as easy as possible for everybody to play Lilly Looking Through, so we are thrilled to be on, and selling our game through Humble (both of which are DRM-free).

Gaming Blend: Depending on how well Lilly Looking Through does, would you consider doing a direct sequel to the game or would you instead branch off and try designing another type of game?

Geeta Games: We would love to continue to expand the world of Lilly and definitely have more stories to tell. Of course it does depend on how the game sells. That being said, we also have a few other ideas that we would love to explore.

Gaming Blend: The game is already receiving a lot of positive press and gamers seem quite excited for it, but has marketing been an issue or getting more gamers out there to recognize the potential of the title? Or have you been able to hit your key demographic(s) without too much of a problem?

Geeta Games: We have been very thankful for the positive press. It’s really been an amazing journey so far.

I would also say that by partnering with digital distributors like GOG and Steam, they have definitely helped us market Lilly Looking Through better than we would have on our own and reach a much larger audience.

In a way, our demographic is a bit of a mystery to us. When we were at PAX Prime this year, we would ask people if they had played a point and click adventure game. To our surprise, many people hadn’t heard of them before. It was really fun showing them the demo, because quite often they would start off somewhat skeptical, but by the end of the demo where hunched over and really enjoying the game.

The key for us is to get people to try out our demo and just give Lilly Looking Through a go.

Gaming Blend: After getting through a successful Kickstarter and with the game's release fast approaching you have a lot on your plate. But following this experience, have you considered potentially using Kickstarter again to get your next game off the ground or would you consider going the traditional route of a publisher, if offered the opportunity?

Geeta Games: Doing a Kickstarter campaign is an amazing opportunity that really helps you learn how to better sell your ideas. It also gave us a crash course in PR and marketing, which is a vital lesson for any small business to learn.

It’s also been great to connect directly with people who are interested and excited about your project. We are very thankful for the support the Backers have shown throughout the production of Lilly Looking Through.

To sum it up, we would definitely consider using Kickstarter again for future projects!

You can pre-order the game right now from Good Old Games or learn more by visiting the official Kickstarter page. Lilly Looking Through is set for release on November 1st for PC, Mac and Linux (so it's SteamOS compatible).

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