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In recent history Microsoft has been very loyal to its promise of one new Xbox Live Arcade game every Wednesday. Not this week, though. Boy, I wonder what's so special about this week?

Oh right, everyone's going to be playing GTA4 (or uh, the Iron Man game). Microsoft did release two XBLA titles on April 19th though so no complaining. Not that you would complain, because, again, you're going to have GTA4 by tomorrow. You're running your fingers along a framed portrait of Niko right now, aren't you? Sick.

Microsoft should be back on the weekly release schedule next week, though you probably still won't care by then. It should be noted they have some decent games in the pipe for Arcade, like Bionic Commando Rearmed and Vigilante 8 Arcade. You might be a bit burnt out on vehicular combat by the time the latter hits Live, though.

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