Point-and-click fans from the old-school who still enjoys walking from one set-piece to the next to talk to a string of interesting and diverse characters can check out how some of the conversations work in Lost Horizon, as well as getting a glimpse at some of the unique environments on display.

Lost Horizon is an adventure game set back in 1939 Tibet, as it sees a former British soldier on the hunt for a treasure in hopes of preventing a group of Nazis from getting their hands on it. Of course, not all is as it appears and there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Gamers with a penchant for puzzle solving and witty exchanges of character dialogue will probably want to keep their eye on Lost Horizon as it nears its release date of August 20th for PCs and Macs via digital distribution services. You can check out the Nazis-free screenshots of the game below or visit the Official Website to learn more.

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