Capcom recently announced that both Xbox Live Gold and Silver subscribers will be able to take a crack at the awesomely epic, Lost Planet 2, next week. On August 19th Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download the co-op demo and starting on August 26th, Xbox Live Silver subscribers will have their chance at the game. It’s a win-win for as far as Xbox Live users go.

According to the press release…
The demo is a brief glimpse into the world and possibilities of Lost Planet 2, highlighting the range of weaponry available to players while showing off the high definition graphical capabilities of MT Framework 2.0, the latest version of Capcom’s proprietary 3D game engine. The first generation of MT Framework powered Capcom games like Dead Rising, the original Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4, while an updated 1.5 version made possible the award-winning visuals of Resident Evil 5.

Fancy-smancy talk means little or next to nothing when compared to the fact that gamers only care if the game is fun. Well, translate all the proprietary talk into multiplayer co-op action with customizable characters, grappling hooks, massive boss battles, scalable levels, mechanized vehicles and destructible environments, and the MT Framework sounds a heck of a lot more appealing.

For more information on Lost Planet 2 feel free to visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, info, updates and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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