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A couple days after the Lost Planet 2 trailer debuted on Xbox Live, Capcom has followed up with an official press release that provides gameplay details and makes no mention of a PS3 or PC version of the game.

Lost Planet 2 takes place ten years after the first game. Terraforming has transformed some areas of the icy E.D.N III. into jungle and other types of environment. Rather than playing as Wayne Holden, players will now create their own custom snow pirate. They'll also be able to play through the campaign with up to three other players in a new co-op mode.

In spite of these changes, Capcom is being careful to maintain what fans loved from the original. You'll still have a grappling hook to play around with and the massive insects known as the Akrid will return for the sequel. LP2 will use a revamped version of the MT Framework engine from the original dubbed the "MT Framework 2."

No release date was provided in the press release and the only platform discussed is the Xbox 360. It's possible that, like the original, it's going to be a timed exclusive for the 360.

Update: Capcom also released the first fifteen screenshots for Lost Planet 2 this morning, which you can view here.

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