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OGPlanet’s free-to-play, action-MMO that features legendary heroes from just about every era and fictional universe has finally entered open beta for North American gamers. It’s a pretty cool MMO that takes the concept in a different direction than most other online multiplayer games and that’s one of the reasons it might be worth checking out.

According to the press release, Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet commented, saying…
"We're thrilled to bring such a fighting game as unique as Lost Saga to the U.S. under our free-to-play model," …. "From day one, Lost Saga will provide players with immersive, richly varied gameplay, and we will be rapidly expanding the game, adding new heroes, maps, battle modes and more. In fact, we plan to have more than 100 heroes available throughout the game's lifespan, adding an incredible level of depth that is rarely seen in many casual online games these days."

The game sports the ability to swap out heroes mid-battle, steal opponents weapon and armor (which allows for new skills to be accessed) as well as a variety of modes in which to battle other players. It’s not a bad looking game and the action looks pretty intense. You can check out the gameplay trailer right here at Blend Games. For more information on Lost Saga or to sign-up for the open-beta, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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