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Today LucasArts confirmed the existence of the rumored Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. They also announced a whole new adventure in the Monkey Island franchise.

In a few weeks, the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island will be released through PC and WiiWare. Tales is a five-episode monthly series developed by Telltale Games. This is the second time Telltale Games has continued an adventure game franchise begun by LucasArts, the first being Sam & Max. As with other games in the series, this one begins with Guybrush screwing something up. He's unleashed some sort of voodoo pox that turns pirates into monsters.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is a remake of the 1990 adventure game which started the Monkey Island series. The remake adds high def graphics, remastered music, and full voiceover. There's also a new hint system to help you with more difficult puzzles. Secret will be released through Xbox Live and PC this summer.