Wolfire is hard at work on their upcoming 3D fighting game, OverGrowth, the sequel to the innovative indie-title, Lugaru. And while OverGrowth is being prepped for a release on Valve’s SteamPowered distribution service, Archive Games is offering the original Lugaru for half-off its original price.

For one week only gamers must move quickly in buying up Lugaru for Windows and Linux platforms, as Archive Games will be offering the game for only $9.95. And even though this game sports destructible environments, multiple weapons, an extensive fighting system based on context-sensitive controls and an engaging adventure, the requirements for running it are rather meager. That’s a bit refreshing to know in this day in age of high-end gaming needs.

You can check out this sweet fighting game by visiting the Official Archive Games Website. And here at Blend Games we’ll continue you updated on the release news regarding Wolfire’s upcoming sequel to Lugaru, Overgrowth.

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