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Just about every big game these days is running on a noteworthy game engine, whether it’s the Unreal Engine 3, the Hero Engine or the Rage Engine, gamers are becoming better acquainted with the technology that drives the in-game innovation. The latest developer diary from 2K for Mafia II covers all the fancy gadgets, gizmos and effects that the Illusion Engine can pull off for the game.

From physics-based destruction and soft-shadows to real-time HDR lighting effects, Mafia II contains all the latest in current generation graphics and gameplay to not only propel gamers into a believable interactive world, but also to enhance and captivate with a dense smorgasbord of gameplay features. How well this will all come together to provide this generation of gamers with something unforgettable remains to be seen. But if I must say so myself, Mafia II is looking like a mighty fine game.

You can check out the new developer documentary below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game. Mafia II is due out at the end of August for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.