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Bungie has shown interest in using Project Natal's motion-sensing technology to the Halo series. The other big Xbox 360 exclusive shooter series, Gears of War, probably won't go that route, though.

In a Eurogamer interview, Epic Games VP Mark Rein called Natal "very intriguing" but when asked about the possibility of Gears of War utilizing the tech, he said this:
That's a hard one. Our games are really designed for the controller experience. They're very twitchy. I'm not a hundred per cent sure there's a good fit there, or that there even needs to be. I could see doing gestures to other player in multiplayer games, where Natal notices if you've raised your hand. I could see maybe using it to throw a grenade. But I doubt the Gears of War-type experience is what they're aiming for with Natal.

At E3, Natal director Alex Kipman mentioned that some Xbox 360 games could use a combination of Natal and the standard gamepad. For example, you could peek around corners with your head in an FPS but still be shooting motherfuckers with your controller. Rein seems to be indicating that a future Gears games could do some of that. Don't expect to be diving behind your couch to take cover in a firefight, though.

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