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With Mass Effect 2's release imminent, everyone's transitioning into "bug BioWare about Mass Effect 3" mode. Surprisingly enough, the studio's willing to discuss ME3.

"We're already working on Mass Effect 3 right now. We do want to develop it in concert with listening to the way people are experiencing Mass Effect 2," ME2 project director Casey Hudson told MTV Multiplayer. "We've got a lot of DLC coming out for Mass Effect 2 that we're also working on, and then we'll kind of blend that into developing and finishing Mass Effect 3."

He added that we should expect the same development timeframe as Mass Effect 2. MTV notes that it took BioWare a little over two years to create ME2, so a reasonable release window for ME3 is late 2011 or early 2012. The free and premium content BioWare intends to release through the Cerberus Network should hopefully keep us entertained until then.

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