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There’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing Mass Effect on PC. It’s not like BioWare is a stranger to the PC market. In fact the company often puts a lot of resources and care into the “ports.” So much so that they barely feel like they’ve been treated as a lowly port. The good doctors and the team at BioWare today announced that Mass Effect will hit PCs in May. That sure is a quick turnaround.

BioWare has said they are doing the normal PC optimizing: higher resolution, improved textures, new controls, etc. There are a couple of fancy new features for PC players. “Run & Gun Control” allows a player to assign biotic powers or skills to “hot keys.” This will make the game more frenetic than it was on the 360 since Shepard will be able to change up the situation completely in real time. There is also a new decryption mini-game and the GUI has been updated for inventory management. Here’s a hint for PC players, the inventory doesn’t really matter that much anyways. But enjoy your buckets of weapons and armor.

The PC version is the first Mass Effect title being published by EA, and they have officially taken over all publishing duties for the series now.