Carnival Games made millions for Take Two. Surprisingly, it happened to be one of the more popular shovelware titles. And in the tradition of shovelware, Vir2L Studios and N-Fusion Interactive are hard at work on the upcoming mini-game compilation game for the Nintendo Wii, appropriately named Medieval Games.

It's one of the "hours of fun for the whole family" affairs, and features mini-games that include battling dragons, jousting, tournaments and participating in other medieval events. It supports up to four-players and allows for gamers to select from a list of hokey characters such as a knight, a princess, a bard or a wizard. Hoo-ray! (And that's sarcasm, in case you didn't know.)

The game is scheduled to release sometime in 2009, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. So that gives hardcore gamers plenty of time to start dusting off the motion-sensing machine. For more information about Medieval Games, feel free to visit the Official Vir2L Studios Website or N-Fusion's Official Website. And I'm going to speak on their behalf in saying that it's a pity they went from Frontlines: Fuel of War to Medieval Games. Anyway, for all your other gaming needs, feel free to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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