In the last seconds of the Washington Redskins-Philadelphia Eagles game today, Washington stopped the Eagles a yard short of the goal line. Guess what song was blared through the loudspeakers of the Redskins' stadium to celebrate the stop? "Oh No You Didn't", the catchy tune from the Mercenaries 2 commercial.

There's no video footage of the Skins-Eagles game online yet but we've posted the full song and its music video below for the uninitiated. It's a tough song to describe; essentially it's a rap with piano accompaniment and a choir-style chorus. Somehow, all of these strange elements come together into a catchy masterpiece.

We don't have any Skins fans among Blend Games' ranks so it's possible they often play this song during their games. Any Washington/Maryland readers know for sure? Either way, it's pretty awesome that a song created for a video game's gotten this sort of mainstream attention.

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