Yesterday you may have read the first part of the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Vs. Halo 3 article. Now a large majority of you felt Halo 3 wiped the floor with MP3C, royally. And I geatly disagree with the lot of you MS fanboys. But there’s still a few aspects of both games that deserve comparing; such things as stage design, presentation and story will still play a deciding factor between these two games.

What's more, though, is that these two titans have a lot riding on their success. The Wii is currently frowned upon by many hardcore shooter fans, and the Xbox 360 still has people questioning if Gears of War and Crackdown are worthy as killer apps. Halo 3, without a doubt is poised to solidify the Xbox 360 as a powerhouse game console for this generation, and Metroid Prime 3 has everyone questioning if the Wii can live up to its new-found hype. The first part of this article had these two titans colliding over a couple of choice categories. The article, of course, generated enough heat from certain sides to warrant a follow-up.

And after going over the price, gameplay features and multiplayer, for both games, it’s time to focus on the stage designs, presentation and story. Some of you may be inclined to think that this is a runaway for a specific title. However, you might be unpleasantly surprised to know which game takes what round. Yesterday, in case you didn't care to read it for yourself, Halo lost two Rounds to Metroid Prime. It shouldn't have been surprising, but it created quite a fuss for some people. Especially the part about Halo 3's multiplayer being opted out against MP3C, due to "arrogance". Still, price and multiplayer shouldn't change the way you feel about either game, right? Yeah, I didn't think so. But enough prattle. Below, you fanboys can read the results, and weep.

Round 4: Story

Halo 3 has Master Chief and Cortana separated on opposite ends of the galaxy, fighting to bring a politically (and religiously) broken universe to some ends of peace. The story has over-lapping and underlying plot-lines that take players to the edge of a cinematic experience and back. While Bungie is still tight-lipped about certain aspects of Halo 3's story, it’s always been apparent through the gameplay and stage designs that the game was more about story than actual interactive content. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, alternatively, has a story built around interactive content. Instead of vicariously experiencing the intensity and intrigue of Prime 3 through staged events setup to encourage the progress of the story, players will actually take part in a lot of interactive segments that prompt for as much story as gameplay. The only downside, is that the conflict between the Space Pirates, multiple Hunters, and Rundus and Samus, are only pale shades of drama when compared to the giant scope of the universe ending in Halo 3.
Winner: Halo 3

Round 5: Stage Design

Previous Halo games had some awful stage designs. You can argue all you want about how great they were, but interactivity was so darn low in those games. In fact, you only had to activate a couple of bridges and open a few plasma fields throughout the entirety of Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo even lacked a lot of cover points, or usable means for cover. Halo 2 improved on this lacking aspect, but not by much. A lot of the single-player stages had the same shoot-out formula repeated over and over again. What was that Jason Jones mentioned? Someting about them wanting to give gamers 30 good seconds of gameplay to reel them in? Well, that was the problem with the series’ stages; there were only 30 second pockets of entertainment. All the while, you had to trudge through shooting sameness, over and over again. By a long shot Metroid Prime gave (and will give) gamers a lot more to do other than just opening doors and mastering ways to shoot your way out of a repeatable scenario. And it’s not that Halo’s stages were all that terrible–because they did offer a little something that other shooter games didn’t–but in comparison to Metroid Prime, they were just shallow. Already MP3C has showcased pinball-esque segments, platform hopping, and grappling through swinging devices, etc., as just a few of the things players will be able to perform and partake in throughout the game. While Halo 3 has shown improvement in some of the single-player segments that have been showcased, it will take a lot to huckle-down a long-lasting experience in the single-player stage department. But I’m highly doubting that.
Winner: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Round 6: Presentation

If you’ve made it this far then you’re probably either boiling or continually yelling profane expletives at your computer screen. Well, you might want to keep it down, you don’t want to wake up everybody else in the house. I mean, you knew when you clicked that link you were in for some bashing on one side or the other. That was the point, remember? Well, when it comes to presentation this is nearly a hands down giveaway to one particular title. Over the years we’ve come to respect the characters, especially the lead, and it would be a farce not to name the winner as...*cough*...*cough*...hold on give me a second. I need a glass of water... ... ...all right. With a lasting appeal, a story that will echo throughout gaming history, and some of the coolest visual themes to-date, the winner for presentation is obviously: Halo 3. Prime 3 has some good looking appeal and decent-enough voice-acting, but in comparison to Halo 3's presentation, it is–for the lack of a better word–pwned.
Winner: Halo 3

I’m sure you fanboys will still rant, but what’s done is done. I’m still betting Metroid Prime 3 will be the surprise hit of whatever season it launches in. And while many would say that Mario Galaxy would have been a better comparison to Halo 3, we all know that Super Mario would clean those green slimy tubes with Master Chief. The Italian plumber isn’t the number one icon for all video games worldwide for no reason.

Anyway, both games will be available before the end of the holiday season of this year. For further information on both games you can visit Bungie’s Official Website for Halo 3 and Nintendo’s Official Website for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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