A big tour was all set to take place for the King of Pop before his strange and untimely death. In addition to going on a big world tour there were plans to over-promote the legendary singer by releasing a game to accompany his failed comeback.

According to an article on Electronic Theatre, MJJ Productions have confirmed that a new Michael Jackson videogame is in the works and it may be ready in time to release on major gaming consoles for the holiday season of 2009. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering how much money has been generated from Michael Jackson’s death.

Anyone with common sense might see that maybe, just maybe this whole death fiasco was planned from the start just so any and all persons involved with holding licensing rights to MJ’s music could make an easy buck on the has-been music artist. Had Michael tried with the tour, new album and a videogame, there is no guarantee that either would have been a much of an overall success. Ensuring that the King of Pop is dead pretty much makes anything associated with the music icon an instant gold mine…including a videogame.

Now, not much is known about the game other than that it will feature hit singles from the artist’s past and it may be an adventure game of sorts. Other than that there is no word on exactly how the game will be played or what players will do.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new information regarding the Michael Jackson game. So make sure you stay tuned in for more updates and news right here at Blend Games.

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