In an interview with the Times Online, Nintendo video game mogul Shigeru Miyamoto explained that Wii Fit, nor any video game for that matter, should be a substitute for outdoor activities. Nintendo’s new exercise connoisseur said people should try to implement a balance between outdoor activities and video games.

“Spending too long, staying in and playing any video game is not good,” said Miyamoto. “I always tell my children to get out on a sunny day and I myself, went jogging in Central Park yesterday. But I do my stretching on Wii Fit. They work together.”

I’ve never been so excited to do pushups ever since I found out that soon I can do them on a virtual piece of cardboard and view my progress on a television! But Shigeru, with the Jedi-influence you now possess thanks to the ultra-successful Wii, I renounce my mother’s basement. The 300 lbs fanboy will soon be extinct.

Video game culture is irrefutably changing. Where you go Shigeru, I will go.

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