There will be two ways to show the world that you really love Modern Warfare 2: an $80 Hardened Edition of the game and a currently unpriced but much crazier Prestige Edition.

The Hardened Edition, packaged in a SteelBook case, comes with a book of artwork as well as a voucher to download the original Call of Duty through PSN or Xbox Live Arcade. The Prestige Edition has all of that, as well as a pair of night vision goggles and a display head to put them on. It's apparently the head of a Mr. "Soap" McTavish, the SAS commando from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare who returns for the sequel.

In case you really get off on opening a new game, Infinity Ward released a video of a community manager unpacking the Prestige Edition. Lucky bastard. The rest of us will have to wait until November 10th to get our hands on the game.

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