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It may be too late in life to dress as a ghost and ask strangers for candy, but perhaps a little gaming can take your mind off things. It wouldn’t be a holiday without more Xbox LIVE Arcade goodness. This week brings only one title to the service on Wednesday, and while you do shoot robots and UFO’s it’s not exactly the scariest game ever made. Mutant Storm Empire, the sequel to Renegade, launches multidirectional shooting back onto the 360.

Think of Empire as a bit of Geometry Wars mixed with Gundam. It’s a shooter where you get to trash robots, and that alone is kind of cool. The PomPom Games title retains everything about the original launch title, and expands it with new worlds and stages that you’ll play through seamlessly. That means no loading screens. I hates the loading screens, especially when developers try to mask them as something else. I’m looking at you Call of Juarez.

Mutant Storm Empire will be available this Wednesday for 800 MS points ($10). In addition to that, Microsoft announced a handful of new titles we can expect in the near future. N+, Screwjumper!, Shrek-n-Roll, SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam, Switchball, Undertow, and Word Puzzle are all on their way to XBLA.

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