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Blend Games got a chance to sit down with Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare community manager, at New York Comic Con and badger him about Dragon Age: Origins, the upcoming dark fantasy RPG. We came away with a few details about the game's release and some of the downloadable content gamers can expect after the game's launch.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the PC version of Dragon Age would be delayed from an expected March launch. Its release is now in line with the console versions, which are slated for late 2008. Does that mean a simultaneous release across all three platforms? Not quite. Watamaniuk said that it's possible that the PS3 version could be released after the game hits the Xbox 360 and PC, though no exact time table was provided.

Watamaniuk also revealed that the Dragon Age toolset, the map-editing tools that come bundled with the PC version of the game, won't be released for the console versions. However, there's a possibility that some of the best maps created by PC users could end up being released as downloadable content packs for the console versions. Watamaniuk stressed that BioWare had made no decision on this yet and that it could have potential legal issues (namely, can a company sell content that a gamer created?).

Regardless of whether or not user-created modules end up on the PS3 or Xbox 360, all versions of the game will get new modules created by the team at BioWare. Some time ago BioWare hired a producer named Fernando Mello to oversee post-release content. The company wasn't satisfied with the "few and far between" downloadable content for Mass Effect (which has only received one downloadable episode so far) and want to, instead, have "guaranteed, regular updates of post-release content."

Don't let all the talk about downloadable content fool you, though - this is going to be a sizable game. Watamaniuk estimated that the game could be 50-100 hours long. Obviously it's a rough guess and, because it's from a developer, it's prone to a bit of padding but even if it's only half that long, that's a well-sized RPG.