The demo for the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is currently available on the PSN and Xbox 360, I’m not really sure why you would be reading (or watching) this when you could be playing the game, however for people who need a little bit of an incentive to actually jump into the open-road action, EA and Criterion released a new walkthrough video explaining the Dark Horse mode and some of the demo’s features.

Playing as the Dark Horse, or as the coppers, opens up a host of new opportunities for racers to expand on their skills and racing technique as the whole point of the mode sees players aiming to stop the other racers before they cross the finish line. It’s classic NFS Most Wanted.

Much like previous iterations in the series, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit maintains many of the new innovations brought to the series, such as extended drifting, car-flipping, dynamic crashes and expanded raceways offering both scenic views and challenging corners.

You can grab a copy of the demo which features both a Dark Horse mode and a standard racing mode, for either the Xbox 360 or PS3. Best hurry, though, the demo is only available up until November 9th, which is when the game launches. For more info be sure to visit the Official Website.

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