If you’ve been sitting around playing games and thinking: “Golly. There just aren’t enough games with a protagonist in a grass skirt and baseball cap with a bee on it who rides around on a skate board collecting eggs with power ups in them.” You sir are about to have your dreams come true because Hudson has announced that after 13 years Adventure Island will be making a triumphant return.

Adventure Island was another classic action platformer in the same style as Super Mario Bros. The hero is tasked with saving his lady, in this case it’s the lovely pixilated Tina. You acquire your weird super powers from eggs, and before you scoff ask yourself how ridiculous getting a flower that allows you to shoot fireballs from your finger out of a block hanging in the air really is. Exactly.

Takahashi Meijin, the real life basis for the Master Higgins character, said in a conference call that Hudson is looking to get a new Adventure Island game out. It’s quite likely we’ll be seeing it appear on WiiWare.

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