We have even more info about the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones game coming this summer. Technically Stephen Totilo has more information on it, having been invited to a hotel room in New York City for a demonstration. Whenever that kind of offer is presented to me it ends with me running with a tear streaked face from a braying donkey in Tijuana, Mexico. Some people have all the luck, the rest of us just survive each day without being raped by a burro.

In any case, on to the glorious new details for LEGO Indiana Jones. Totilo posted on the MTV Multiplayer blog about his time with the game in a recent entry. Barnett College will serve as the hub in the game (similar to the Mos Eisley cantina in the Star Wars games). Unlike LEGO Star Wars there is much less fighting, with an obvious predication for adventure in the Indy game. Also, this one is all about the original movies. The producers say that the upcoming 4th film play no part in this game.

Also of interest is that the puzzles in the game are being designed for two players, but four player co-op will be supported. While the Nazis have been removed, as previously reported, we are being assured the plot lines (along with the familiar sense of humor of the Travellers Tales team) will be kept true. I don’t need Nazis to make my Indiana Jones adventure fun, I just need a fedora and whip.

LEGO Indiana Jones is scheduled to release on June 3rd for pretty much any and all platforms you can think of.

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