If you’re looking for some rough and tumble action; some die-hard fun; some rock e’m sock e’m, throwdown good-times…then you’re looking for a game called Plants Vs Zombies for the Xbox Live Arcade: Where the baddest mutha-zombies take on the toughest bullspit-eating plants on the planet. Eight new screenshots were released of the upcoming, comical horror-puzzle game, where gamers can feast their eyes on some botany versus undead action.

The popular game that made waves as a browser-based puzzle title and then as a hand-held, mobile pastime, is now making its way to the Xbox Live arena with a couple of additional social features and options. The game is set for release tomorrow, September 8th, and anyone remotely interested in this title can scope out the new screenshots below.

For more info be sure to check out the Official Xbox Live Website.

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