From the sound of things, at least Uwe Boll isn’t attached to this game-to-movie fiasco. That doesn’t mean this new movie won’t stink like a burning pile of leaves. Capcom, however, has a lot to do with this new Street Fighter movie production and will contribute whatever they can to make sure it’s not like the 1994 game-to-movie iteration.

It probably isn’t a surprise to most gamers that Capcom is making this new movie in respect of Street Fighter’s 20th anniversary. But a movie isn’t the only thing in the works. Capcom has a ton of new property across various mediums to pay tribute to one of their most prized (and money-making) franchises: Several new games, a new movie, and possibly a new television series, all based on Street Fighter IP. And since the “next-generation” of gaming has already started, it does seem to alleviate the lame-factor when taking into account that Street Fighter will at least look good on the new systems. Although, this is hoping they don’t use any of the movie's actors (or look alikes) for anything related to the 20th anniversary game. We don’t need history to repeat itself. Remember how awful and ridiculous that Street Fighter: The Movie Game was? Hopefully Capcom will spare us any more of that.

Nevertheless, in an interview being featured on Game Daily, Capcom’s head of marketing, Charles Bellfield, gave readers some insight into the direction of Capcom’s new projects for Street Fighter. Specifically, his comments about the new movie are as follows: “What we're announcing here is a movie based around a character, so it gives more story line than the actual movie project in the past which was a general Street Fighter franchise. This is a far more character-based and story-based film that we're working with Hyde Park in developing. Chung Li is one of the main characters and she's one of the most popular characters in the U.S. and also appeals to the Western audience.” Bellfield continued on to say “We want to build a strong franchise successful in a different medium like movies, rather than just handing over our IP to other people to develop movie franchises.”

So at least Capcom doesn’t want to be like Eidos or Sega when it comes to game-to-movie crossovers. Charles confirmed this thinking avenue by further stating that... “ This is all about keeping the Street Fighter franchise true and authentic to the core consumer, but leveraging the understanding that this is a different medium and we do need other partners on board to deliver to this medium.”

In regards to other properties pertaining to the Street Fighter series, Charles only mentioned that Capcom “...can confirm that we have a multi-format strategy for Street Fighter, what, when, how and why we're not talking about. Anniversaries for key franchises are important milestones in the game industry. We have a 20th Anniversary of Street Fighter in 2008 and we'll be developing a number of properties around that for the anniversary."

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