Apparently, Tomb Raider is serious business. In case you missed it, last week some concept artwork from a supposed Tomb Raider reboot title was discovered and then subsequently passed around the Internet. Then, just as fast as they were released, the websites displaying the pictures were given “cease and desist” orders from a bunch of guys in expensive suits.

Well, according to some posts over at Kotaku, the images were indeed real and do in fact, belong to an unannounced Tomb Raider reboot project. Attorneys from Nielsen contacted Kotaku and “politely” asked them to remove all the images they have posted from this “reboot.” At the same time, attorney's from Crystal Dynamics contacted Four Play Co-Op, the original source of all this excitement, and asked them to do the same.

While nothing is certainly set in stone, and even though there are concept images for a new Lara Croft, it does not mean the game will ever happen. All the same, there are concept images for a new Lara Croft, which means a new Tomb Raider certainly could happen. Earlier this year, there was a BBC report that Eidos was looking into a Dark Knight-style reboot for the franchise.

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