New screenshots have emerged for the hard-edge racer, Clutch (entitled Armageddon Racer in Russia). And as the headline indicates, the screenshots are only for PC and Xbox 360, as Targem Games have only kept the game strictly stationed on the Microsoft-friendly platforms.

If you’re a PS3 owner wondering why the game isn’t coming to your console, you might have to ask Targem Games about that. Clutch was originally designed for PC last year, but the company wanted to branch the franchise out by including consoles and other markets...just not the PS3 market. I guess all the big talk about multi-platforming for non-exclusive titles is just that, big talk. The game, however, is currently in the process of being prepped for localization, publishing and distribution throughout North America for PC and Xbox 360.

Clutch is a fast-paced racer that features all kinds of destructive car-tuning mechanics, turbo accelerators and fender-bending action, among other things. The game will feature 8 missions, including battling zombies and deathmatch arena battles. A full list of the game’s features are below.

• High speed destruction, heaps of broken bones and wrecked cars
• The LHC campus is a complete city open for exploration, sandbox style
• An engaging storyline with 20 story missions
• 6 modes of racing and combat
• Advanced collision and damage physics
• A multitude of drivable vehicles and upgrades
• Over 20 types of artifacts that affect the player and rivals

You can check out the new screenshots below, and remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and info regarding all things gaming.

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