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Alright, it's pretty much official. The Nintendo Wii can now be classified as a really expensive paperweight. Nielsen Games has revealed new data regarding the percentage of usage that gamers spend on each console, and the Wii was dead last with the lowest percentage.

The number was so low that even Nintendo's Gamecube gets more action than the Wii. Pretty sad if you think about it. The research study reveals that even though game sales took a big dip this summer, there were more people playing video games in June of this year than in June 2008. The research study also shows that the average gamer spends 768 minutes on their console. This does not go for you Halo fanboys who eat, drink, and sleep Master Chief.

The Xbox 360 was the console with the highest percentage of use, followed by the PS3, the original Xbox, the PS2, Nintendo's Gamecube, and finally the Wii. The study also shows that the Wii has more female gamers than the Xbox 360 and more than the 360 and PS3 combined. This is probably a result from the latest celebrity-turned-fitness-star game being released for the Wii Balance board. Maybe that inflatable horse saddle will win male gamers back, though.

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