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The DSi, the third iteration of the Nintendo DS handheld system, will be coming to North America in a month and a half. Nintendo revealed today that the DSi will arrive in stores here on April 5th.

The DSi will cost $169.99, about forty bucks more than the DS Lite goes for these days. At launch, the system will be available in two colors: (light) blue or black. Ugly as it may be, that blue color is new and could possibly be an exclusive for the region. Lucky us.

The DSi features two cameras, one on the outside and one on the inside of the system, to allow players to take and share photos. The cameras will likely be incorporated into future games as well. The handheld also features a voice record, music player, and a DSiWare that allows players to purchase games and software online.

There are a couple tradeoffs with the DSi, though. For one, the new SD card slot (enabling users to store photos and software) replaces the Game Boy Advance slot. Thus, you won't be able to play GBA games or games with peripherals that plug into the GBA slot (such as the grip for Guitar Hero: On Tour). Additionally, the DSi is said to drain battery power quicker than the DS Lite (the second iteration of the handheld).

Nintendo first announced the DSi at the Tokyo Game Show in October 2008 and it hit Japanese stores on November 1st. The European release date hasn't been set yet but it should arrive by Summer 2009 at the latest.

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