When I was a young lass in Ireland…or should I say a little boy in Chicago, Nintendo Power was pretty much the coolest thing on the block. I can recall being extraordinarily envious of my cousin who had a subscription because I was not privy to his several dozen pages of gaming propaganda.

After all these long years Nintendo may finally deign to assuage my anguish. The raging, out-of-control success that is Wii could give gamers the opportunity to catch up on their reading, by downloading back issues of Nintendo Power.

"We have a tremendous amount of old Nintendo Power content ... that we could present to consumers," said Nintendo President Reggie Fils Aime in an interview with MTV.

The comment was made regarding the possibility of a new Wii channel. The idea is pretty much spectacular as it would provide an on-site solution for gamers looking for information on Virtual Console games whether that be tips, tricks, walkthroughs, or cheats.

Nintendo Power is well known as the Grima Wormtongue (LOTR anyone?) of the games journalism scene. Nintendo used them to sway casual gamers into buying their products and I’m positive that the idea of whispering in the ears of another generation was not lost on NOA.

The only question left is whether or not the service will be free? Certainly Nintendo wouldn’t make us pay twice for propaganda.

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