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One Wii game that the "hardcore" 360 and PS3 owners would love to get their hands on is Grasshopper's No More Heroes. Unfortunately, a port doesn't seem likely in the near future.

"Actually, a lot of the fans were dying to play the game on other consoles, so I think it'd be great if I could do it, but there's no plan yet," Heroes designer Goichi Suda told 1UP. He didn't rule out the possibility of the franchise branching out to different platforms, though. "No More Heroes could be a big title, like a big IP, so it’d be good to have a chance to release the game on other consoles, and that would maybe maximize the market."

Grasshopper is currently working on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, which Suda says won't be playable at E3 but will "hopefully" be shown off. Like its predecessor, Desperate Struggle is only slated for a Wii release.