Earlier this year a former employee of Obsidian Entertainment claimed that their Aliens RPG was cancelled. Obsidian finally confirmed the news to fans this weekend.

"Rumors have circled around a bit regarding the fate of the Aliens role playing game that Obsidian and SEGA had been working on. Unfortunately, it is true that we are no longer working on the game, and we wanted to finally announce that officially to everyone who has been following its development," read a developer post on the official Aliens RPG forums.

There are still two other Aliens games in development: Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator and Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines. Both of those games are shooters, however, so role-playing game fans will have to look for sustenance elsewhere. It's a shame, because the universe of Aliens always seemed to have a lot more story material than the movies and action games were willing to use. Would've been an interesting setting for an RPG.

In spite of the cancelled project, Obsidian's doing just fine. They'll be releasing Alpha Protocol this fall and Fallout: New Vegas in 2010.

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