On Sunday, supposed footage of the cancelled Aliens RPG hit the Internet. Today developer Obsidian Entertainment admitted that it's real.

"Just to be clear, this is from an extremely early pre-production build," Marketing & PR Producer Matthew Rorie said on Obsidian's forums. The original Youtube posting of the video stated it was made in 2007. The game was first announced in December 2006.

Because the footage was so raw, many were quick to trash it. Another Obsidian employee defended it from critics: "There's hating a game, and then there's hating a preproduction build. And then there's hating something to be in the 'cool' minority of internet rebels and toughguys. Anyway, that video sure does bring back memories!"

The game's cancellation was confirmed last summer. It's not clear who leaked the footage but it sure was thoughtful of them.

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