Originally released back in 1989 in Japan only, Xak: The Art of Visual Stage will make its first appearance in English via publisher Micro Cabin. Gamers will finally get their hands on this game with its availability on WOOMB.Net. Yeah, so now you can one-up your Japanese friend who always brags about his retro gaming archive. Yeah, take that cool foreign friends.

Xak has received a lot of respect from gamers; the series has been ear-marked for carrying a reputable storyline, amazing musical compositions and a great art-style. North American gamers now have the opportunity to fill the shoes of Lotak, as the quest to defeat an ancient evil is surpassed only by the need to excel in the art of swords and magic. Otherwise, you can just play the game from WOOMB and have a kick-butt time reminiscing with an old-school JPRG.

For more information regarding Xak: The Art of Visual Stage, you can visit WOOMB’s Official Website.

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