Now here’s some noteworthy news coming out of the cloud gaming arena; the good people behind OnLive have announced that the service will no longer have a base monthly charge, and gamers will be able to access the basic service for free.

Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive commented in the press release about the free-to-use service change, saying…
“We’re delighted to be able to offer the OnLive Game Service without a base monthly fee on an ongoing basis,” ... “There is no precedent for OnLive, so we had to grow to a large number of active users in order to assess usage patterns and operating costs. We’ve arrived at that stage, and as we had hoped, we are able to operate OnLive without charging a fee for access.”

This is good news for people who aren’t keen on throwing money at the wall for all three game consoles, or continually upgrading their PC every six months to play the latest games (or in Resident Evil 5’s case, paying money to downgrade your PC).

OnLive will also be running a free trial program that will allow gamers to hop onto the cloud gaming scene and try out the service without a credit card. The service offers up various kinds of pricing solutions for playing full version games, including renting them for set amount of days or buying the whole thing. The TV console is also being prepped for release. You can check out the full list of OnLive’s services and game catalog by visiting the Official Website.

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